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北京新东方学校国内部 欧阳萍


先从今年听力考试的几大话题说起,我们在新东方课堂上反复给学生强调的校园场景,工作场景这次依然是重中之重。比如求职过程中要提交的application letter,在college中获得degree,都是在往年考试中也曾出现过的重点单词。而其它一些小场景,比如酒店场景,健身场景,医院场景,购物场景也都是四级听力考试一贯的热门。通过这次考试,我们可以再次验证之前总结的规律:历年真题是过级的最佳材料。


11, C)There is no need for the man to make such afuss。

12, A)Fitness training。

13, B)He has got to save on fuel bills。

14, A)Committing theft。

15, D)She has almost recovered from the cough。

16, D)Pamela’s mistakes could have been avoided。

17, C)In a hotel room。

18, A)She was an excellent students at a college。

19, A)Arranging the woman’s appointment with Mr.Romero。

20, B)The awards ceremony。

21, C)He is the woman’s assistant

22, B)Send in an application letter。

23, D)Someone willing to work beyond regular hours。

24, A)Travel opportunities。

25, C)It is to be negotiated。

26, B)To make shoppers see as many items aspossible。

27, C)On easily accessible shelves。

28, A)Many of them buy things on impulse。

29, D)Customers losing all sense of time。

30, C)Studying for a college degree。

31, D)He asked different people for their opinions。

32, C)Its way of waking people up。

33, A)It is often caused by a change ofcircumstances。

34, A)They cannot mix well with others。

35, B)They doubt their own popularity。

36, locked

37, forgotten

38, responsible

39, swift

40, collected

41, individuals

42, institutions

43, agencies

44, Survey shows that the number of the worriedAmericans has been steadily growing over the years。

45, 37% of the people questioned failed thatprivacy was being invaded。

46, A recent survey by a credit bureau reviewedthat the number of alarm citizens have shocked up to 76%。




综观今年的四级快速阅读,较去年12月相比难度有所降低,没有太多的长难句,句式结构以简单句为主,话题是学习类,关于电子书能否真正取代纸质书。题干的线索词较明确,如一些公司名词,人名之类,只要考生能够按照题干中的关键词去文章中寻找,都可以顺利的找到与之对应的主题句,然后再同义转换就可以选出正确答案。而填空题部分则需要考生能够看懂句子结构,并去判断和文章中原句做出比较,如第8题是one of the challenges to do sth.Is that…, 根据这个表语从句去文中寻找。今年的仔细阅读总体也比较容易,第一篇是关于垃圾食品、酗酒和肥胖等不健康生活方式,整篇文章几乎没有难词和生僻词,句子结构简单,考生只要抓住文章主旨便可以很好的理解文章意思。第二篇是关于柯达破产的文章,除标注出的词汇外几乎没有难词和生词。提问方式也是中规中矩,细节主旨较容易把握。


在完形填空方面,大多数同学比较头疼的依然还是在近义词汇的辨析方面,而今年的真题在词汇选择上更加注重的是四级常用词汇的固定搭配和用法上,只要考生在考前熟记了核心词汇,相信在考试中肯定能做到胸有成竹。如完形填空的第一题就是考核学生对四级核心动词promote的用法,这个词相对简单,表示推动,促进,后面直接加名词做宾语,和relaxation可以搭配, 而support一般则表示支持一个观点或建议等。


翻译部分,今年仍旧是以基本语法和固定搭配作为核心考点,考生需要掌握一些常用搭配,如further one’s studiesabroad。同时也需要熟悉基本语法,如88题中的让步状语从句,even if引导词的使用,还有如第90题的倒装结构就是考核学生的so置句首,使用部分倒装, 助动词和主语颠倒。


作者:北京新东方学校国内部 金凌虹


On Doing Small Things


我在北京新东方的面授班(四级写作点睛班)上曾讲解图画作文,分析,在2012年6月16日,六级考察了图画作文,而当时,图画作文出现在六级也是第一次;目前,四级已经考察了图表作文,考研考的题,六级都没有考过;因此这么推论分析,也可能这次四级轮到图画作文了 —— 考研考过,六级考过,就剩你四级了!

图画的内容和构图不难:父亲和男孩子的对话,孩子说“ Dad,I am a bit worried about disposing of nuclear weapon. (爸爸,我有点担心清除核武器这个问题)”,父亲则回答“ If you can empty the dustbin, you can do anything. (如果你能把垃圾桶倒掉,你就能坐好任何事情)” ,说话间,手指着垃圾桶。

这幅图画和2012年6月的六级漫画作文非常相似,当时的图中,也是两人对话,女儿和父亲。父亲问女儿:“ Hi, sweetie, how was your school today ? (嘿,小甜心,你在今天在学校过得怎么样?)” 女儿非常冷漠的回答:“Dad,you can read all about it on my blogs. (爹哋,你自己可以在我的博客上读到所有内容)”,然后呢,女儿拔腿出门,留下父亲一脸惊愕。


作文的第一段,要进行简单描绘图画内容,这是必须的,也是题目中强制要求的(a brief description of the picture)。描述的时候,只要把父子两的对话移植到第一段,然后把父亲手指垃圾桶的动作描绘一下就可以了,非常简单。

作文的第二段,进行主旨提炼并且论述。这幅图画很容易看出主题,那就是做大事之前,要先做小事(一屋不扫,何以扫天下),而且题目中其实早就已经透露了主题了 (express your views on the importance of doing small things before undertaking something big.)因此,第二段通篇论述小事做起的重要性就可以了。属于我在课堂上讲过的作文三大分类之“积极主题,论述意义”



We can see from the cartoon that there is a father talking with his son. Having heard his son’s words that “ Dad, I am a bit worried about disposing of nuclear waste.” The father replies that “ If you can empty the dustbin here, you can do anything” and points the garbage can beside him.

Funny and common as the conversation sounds, it reflects that the father intends to advise his son to do small things before undertaking big. Definitely, doing small things is the first step of success and will lay root for doing something big. By doing something small, we are able to accumulate experience, master skills and train ourselves to be more patient. In other words, we can be well prepared for further challenges in the course of fulfilling small things. By contrast, those who desire to do something big at once will constantly be haunted by disappointment, frustrations or even failures, As when opportunities-“something big” appears, they can hardly seize them because of the lack of experience and confidence stems from doing small things. Taking the picture presented above as a case in point, how can the little boy succeed in disposing of nuclear weapons if he even doesn’t know how to empty the dustbin?

From my perspective, under no circumstances should we undervalue the power of doing small things. Instead, we should regard small things as the source of experience, skills and the prerequisite of success. “Great achievement only belongs to those who can do small things perfectly.” Aristotle used to say.


如图所示,我们可以看见有一位父亲正在和他的儿子聊天。当父亲听到儿子说:“ 爸爸,我有点担心如何处理核武器这个问题” 的时候,父亲指着身边的垃圾桶,并且回答道:“ 如果你可以把垃圾桶倒掉,你就可以做到任何事情”。




The importance of reading literature



图画中,师生站在一个教师里,老师给学生一本书,挺厚的,孩子讶然,震惊并由几分不情愿。老师就安慰并鼓励学生:“ 你就当做是在读一个长篇短信就行了”。







From the cartoon given above, we can observe that there is a teacher and a student standing in the classroom. When receiving a literature book given by her teacher, the little girl seems to be quite nervous and unwilling. Having observed her student’s response, the teacher tells her that “Just think of it as if you are reading a long text-message.”

The cartoon aims at informing us of the phenomenon that quite a few students or youngsters are reluctant to read literature nowadays. With the Internet and electronic communication tools such as microblogs, mobile phones and QQ becoming increasingly widespread, quite a few people are more used to reading short context. They hold that, compared with long contents such as literature, these short ones are more convenient and time saving. What’s more, many students refuse to read literature in that they believe that literature is boring and of little use in modern society.

However, no one can disclaim the importance of reading literature. It enables people to enrich their knowledge and expand their horizons. Moreover, reading literature also inspires people to think critically and independently. Last but not least, by spending time in reading literature, we can also develop and perfect human personality such as being patient and optimistic. Hence, why not just get out of the reality temporarily and spend some time on literature ?











第一段:图画描述,这个是本能,是直觉,同时,也是题目中明确要求的(a brief description of the picture),所以你不描绘图画,或者是图画信息不全,扣分。描述的时候,你要把学生提问的那句话写出来,把老师教课的动作写出来,以及老师听到学生挑衅性的提问之后的表情,也要写出来。


第三段:结论和表态,分析完了原因之后,你要回到主题,那就是我们不能忽视这些基本技能,要唤起大家对“基本技能的重要性”的认识。所以,这一段,你可以正面阐述为什么basic skills 如此的重要,就可以了。


As is vividly depicted in the cartoon given above, we can observe that there are many students sitting in a classroom. When listening to the teacher, one of the students just interrupts the teacher and says “ No offense, but by the time we’re in the job market, won’t that stuff be outdated?” Having heard this question, the teacher stops demonstrating the Multiplication Table and seems to be quite shocked and embarrassed.

The cartoon informs us of the phenomenon that quite a few students undervalue the importance of learning basic skills these days. Confronted with fiercer competition from society and employment market, students are more focused on practical skills which can be applied in daily work immediately. Moreover, they also fears that the basic knowledge and skills they learn today will be outdated by the time they are in the job market.

However, no one can disclaim the importance of learning basic skills. It enables us to lay a strong foundation for further learning and exploration. In other words, those who have mastered basic skills well are more likely to acquire other skills and knowledge with ease. Basic skills are equivalent to the first step of success, as an ancient Chinese saying goes, “ A road of thousand miles towards the success begins with the first step.”



这幅图画告诉我们一个现象,那就是相当多的学生现在都轻视学习基本技能的重要性。面对着来自社会和职场的越来越激烈的竞争, 学生们更关注那些可以马上应用于日常工作中的实际技能。而且,他们也担心他们今天学的基础知识和技能可能等到他们工作的时候,就过时了。